Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting

Turtle Friendly Amber Lighting is used to protect coastal areas and beaches by emitting safe-range wavelengths from 585-595 nanometers. Sea Turtle amber LEDs are ideal for areas where excessive artificial lighting can disturb ecosystems, such as coastal areas where sea turtle hatchlings need a dark sky to orient and migrate towards the ocean. The amber more »

industrial lighting products

Which Solar Lighting Solutions Will Suit My Industrial Setting?

Are industrial settings really the place for solar-powered industrial lighting products? In truth, solar-powered lights are becoming more popular around the world, and not for the reasons you think. They do save on electricity bills and such, but the real reason is that they are so portable. Being able to move whole lighting sections from more »

LED building light

A Rundown of Popular LED Light Varieties

LEDs are more popular than ever because they use very little power when compared to other light bulbs, and because they cause far less waste than other energy-efficient bulbs. LED lights are very popular, from your average LED building light to stadium lights. Here are a few settings and LED light varieties that are very more »

LED Airfield Lighting

LED Airfield Lighting   LED Airfield Lighting LED Airfield Lighting – Precision Approach Path Indicator     LED Airfield Lighting – Airfield Runway Guard Light     LED Airfield Lighting – Solar Airfield Marking Light Taxiway Lights – SL10 can be used in airfield runway and taxiway marking, self-contained, maintenance-free solar-powered airfield marking light.    more »

LED Helideck Explosion Proof Lighting

LED Helideck Explosion Proof Lighting are designed specially to offer the lighting system on a shipboard heliport or floating offshore facility in a variety of hazardous location area applications like oil & gas industry, chemical industry, marine and offshore platforms. LED Helideck Explosion Proof Lighting is required for floating offshore facilities engaged in the exploration more »

The Creo Collection

The Creo Collection are architectural LED luminaires designed with a sleek, clean appearance in a modern style, featuring downward light distribution and Dark Sky Compliant. The Creo Collection are composed of a small area light – in 8ft and 12ft heights and bollard- in 36″ and 42″ heights. Ideal for Lighting Pedestrian Walkways and Accenting more »

industrial post light

Illuminating A Modern Industrial Setting is Easier Than Ever

Thanks to LED lights, you can easily illuminate your modern industrial area. Not only can you light your locations cheaply and quickly, but you can also do it with the minimum of setup cost. Plus, powering LED lights costs far less than incandescent lights and fluorescent lights. Disposing of the bulbs is far easier, and more »

mobile solar led light towers twinko

Mobile Solar LED Light Towers

Mobile Solar LED Light Towers provide versatile temporary lighting. It’s ideal for construction sites, natural disasters, parking lots, events, roadwork and mining operations. provides solar light fixtures for every application light tower can be easily transported from location to location. Mobile Solar LED Light Towers are the ideal mobile solar solutions for temporary outdoor lighting. more »